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Objectives and Responsibilities


This document attempts to provide guidelines, for .NET and C#developments, that are both valuable and pragmatic.

Coding conventions serve the following purposes:

If you do not follow these recommendations, You have a good reason !

This document is mainly based…

  1. On our experience to write the simplest and best performing code possible.
  2. On CSharp Coding Guidelines web site.
  3. On Microsoft Coding Conventions.


The developer is the only one responsible for the code, unit tests and documentation he has written.

User Developer Reviewer Manager
Source Code X (x)  
Documentation X (x)  
Unit Tests X (x)  
Conventions     X

Definition of DONE

In Scrum, the Definition of Done is the exit-criteria to determine whether work on sprint backlog item is complete. for example: the DoD requires that all regression tests be successful. The definition of done may vary from one team to another but must be consistent within one team.

By convention, in our projects, a Task or a User Story must respect all of these criteria of Definition or Done:



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