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FluentUI.Blazor v4.1

Posted on 2023-11-28


We’ve just released a new version of Microsoft.FluentUI.AspNetCore.Components 4.1. This version fixes some bugs detected over the last few days, but also adds a few new features.

New features


We’ve added a View attribute that lets you choose the display of this component: Days, Months or Years.

As proposed by FluentUI, by default, the monthly view animates the values when the month is changed. You can disable this feature (or enable it for other views), via the AnimatePeriodChanges property.

FluentUI CheckState

We’ve also updated the FluentDatePicker component to take advantage of these new views when selecting a date.

FluentUI CheckState

note: at present, these components are not fully compatible with Accessibility standards (this will be resolved in a future version).


We’ve added these new properties:

The Value and CheckState properties are bindable.

FluentUI CheckState

In the first example, ThreeState = true and the user can choose between Unchecked / Checked / Indeterminate.

In the second example, ThreeState = false and the user can only choose between Unchecked / Checked.

In the third example, ThreeState = true and ShowIndeterminate = true, so the first state can be Indeterminate (or updated by code), but the user can only switch between Unchecked and Checked.


We’ve added a HeaderTemplate attribute to customize the content of the Header.


Added Panel1MinSize, Panel2MinSize and BarSize properties to manage minimum and maximum panel sizes, and to customize the size of the resize bar.

We’ve also made it possible to resize panels proportionally, using sizing percentages.

And finally, we’ve added the ability to collapse or expand the second panel, using OnCollapsed, OnExpanded attributes and the OnResized event.


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If you find something out of the ordinary, let us know in the repo on GitHub, or Twitter / X.



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