Retour d’expérience ‘TFS Online dans une solution industrielle’

frenSome days ago, I had the chance to present a session in the Microsoft Experiences of Paris (in french) to explain how we’ve created a complete industrial application using VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services… or TFS Online).


In this presentation, I’ve explain how we’ve create a project for a aeronautic company:

  • The Workforce management web portal can plan, distribute, manage times, validate data and generate reports or send data to external systems.
  • We used the Agile Scrum methodology:
    • Definition of the Team (Product owner, Developers team,  Scrum master)
      Creation of this team in VSTS.
    • Creation of the Product Backlog using Features, User Stories and Tasks in VSTS.
    • Review and planning of Sprints.
    • Development with Visual Studio connected to VSTS.
    • Installation of Build and Deployment (Release Management) modules.
  • I’ve also presented some tools and frameworks used technically in this project:
    • To develop the BackEnd services
    • To develop the FrontEnd services
    • To tests all blocks

You can download the slides show on SlideShare.net.

Let me a comment if you need more details.

8 thoughts on “Retour d’expérience ‘TFS Online dans une solution industrielle’

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  1. I was researching content for our social media strategy and came across this post. Such a shame there is not recording of your session! Developing your application with the VSTS is interesting.

    I just wanted to reach out and make an introduction. My name is Elizabeth Britton, and I’m a Marketing Coordinator with Syncfusion. Please let me know of any content you may want to see mentioned in our social media. Keep up the great work!

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