How to transfert a file from Host to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine?

Each time I need to copy a file from my PC to a Virtual Machine hosted by Hyper-V, I don’t remember the best way.
If your VM runs a Windows 8, you can activate “Enhanced session” option and use Copy / Paste.
But if you have an old OS or Windows Server 2012… what is the best way?

Internet say that you can attach a ISO file to your VM or attach a Virtual Disk (vhdx) to your VM. But it’s very slow and difficult to do that.

My solution is usable quickly :

1. Download the portable tool HFS (Http File Server) : http://www.rejetto.com/hfs.
2. Run it and right-click to add a local folder to share.
3. Copy the URL in top of screen (
4. In your Virtual Machine, open Internet Explorer and paste the URL copied.
5. Download your file.

That’s all 😉

PS: In a Windows Server, maybe you need to disable the IE Enhanced Security Configuration (in Server Manager or in Programs and Features / Windows).

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