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How to convert a physical PC to a VMWare image?

Posted on 2012-07-28

Recently, we must transform a PC (used since many years in a Production environment) to a virtual machine (VMWare). To clone this PC without install software in PC :

  1. Create a Ghost image:
    1. Connect an external disk (USB or eSATA).
    2. Use a bootable CD (like DRDOS).
    3. Start GHOST.EXE.
    4. Create the Ghost image (.gho).
  2. Restore the Ghost image:
    1. In VMWare, define a new virtual image.
    2. Define you external disk (with .gho) as a secondary Hard Disk or as a Generic SCSI Device.
    3. Boot this VM on the bootable CD (like DRDOS).
    4. Start GHOST.EXE.
    5. Restore the Ghost image in the VM.
  3. Convert the new VM (before starting the restored Windows in VMWare, you must convert the config file):
    1. Start VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone.
    2. Click on "Configure Machine" button and select you VM file.
    3. With Windows 7, you will received an error message "unable to find system volume"... see VMware KB 1037507.

That’s all.

PS: Of course, you must buy software like GHOST and VMWare Converter.



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