Self-Signed SSL Certificates on IIS 7

This week, I’ve must add a certificate in IIS to allow https access. This server is used for our developments only… and I would like use a free or a test certificate.

This excellent article describes all steps to create, install and validate a Certificate for Testing.

The main steps are:

  • Using SelfSSL.exe (Run as Administrator) to generate a Test Certificate for your domain name.
    • /V:9000 is the expiration delay (in days)… 9000 = 25 years.
    • /S:1 is the Web Site number (see IIS)
    • ex: SelfSSL /N:CN=www.mytest.mycompany.com /V:9000 /S:1
  • From IIS, exporting the new certificate to a PFX file.
  • Importing this file to Trusted Root Certificate Authorities / Local Computer
    • via mmc.exe certmgr.msc.

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