Trasys Conference: Increase productivity with Visual Studio

Today, I’ve presented some Visual Studio Tips to increase your development productivity. This conference was divided into two parts: “Code Like a Ninja” and “Debugging With Visual Studio”.

The Agenda was:

  • Code Like a Ninja
    • Intellisense
    • Shortcuts
    • Windows
    • Refactoring
  • Debugging With Visual Studio
    • Breakpoints
    • Debugger Visualizers
    • Exceptions to simplify debugging
    • Intellitrace
    • Dump Files

My presentation  is a summary of two subjects of the last TechDays 2011 in Belgium (by Ingo Rammer and Chris Eargle).

You can download the PowerPoint here and the demonstration source code (C#) here: Code Like a Ninja and Debugging With Visual Studio.

UPDATE: This session was recorded and is available here (in french speaking).

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