Conferences (video)

Since 2010, Trasys is organizing a lot of conferences about Microsoft and .NET technologies. All conferences was been recorded (in french) and are available on Dailymotion or Youtube (see links in posts).

  1. July, 2011 – Increase productivity with Visual Studio 2010
  2. August, 2011 – Introduction to LINQ and Lambda Expressions
  3. Septembre, 2011 – Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation – WPF
  4. October, 2011 – Introduction to Web Services
  5. November, 2011 – Introduction to Entity Framework
  6. October, 2014 – Introduction à TFS Online
  7. May, 2015 – Visual Studio Online – Tools to create Agile apps (Journé
  8. June, 2015 – Présentation de Visual Studio Online dans l’entreprise Trasys (in French).
  9. Octobre, 2015 – Introduction to Unit Tests with Visual Studio (in French).
  10. September, 2016 – 24 Hours of PASS – Développer avec un Simple Object Mapping Toolkit pour SQL (in French)
3 comments on “Conferences (video)
  1. J.P. St-Yves says:

    I am interested in the Introduction to Team Foundation Server 2010 given by Mr. Letroye, unfortunately there seems to be missing part 3 and 4 of the conference. Is it available somewhere ?

    • Yes, sorry for other video (and presentation)… Valéry is no longer part of our staff.
      But, of course, we use always TFS 2012 (and soon 2013). And is some weeks, I’ll organize a new Presentation Tour including TFS (Intro, Scrum, Connection with Excel) and all video will be published on my blog. Come back soon 😉 You can subscribe to the news by mail (see section “Blog subscriptions” at bottom right).

    • Heaven says:

      Efrfltoess beauty you are! Just minimal products needed and you're all good. Umm though you have this deadpan expression on your face,like Emily Strange but still you can work your way around it because you have a pretty face. If ugly one + deadpan will come off as..idk lol

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