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Team Foundation Server TEAM tab is removed every time Excel is opened

if like me, you use TFS and Excel to manage your WorkItems, and maybe your TEAM tab is removed every time Excel is opened. To solve this : 1. Check if this Registry key is on 3 (autostart). HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\TFCOfficeShim.Connect.5\LoadBehavior (DWORD)

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Tip: Deployment retail=”true”

Here’s another tip to optimize websites developed in ASP.NET: since Framework 2.0, Microsoft offers to configure a Deployment tag to include in  Machine.config file. This setting has two effects: Restore the optimal performance of ASP. NET (Compilation, AXD cache resources, memory management, timeouts pages) that were reduced by the debug mode. And disable debugging, the ASP.NET trace and error messages to complete ASP.NET (whatever settings in Web.config). More information on MSDN web site.

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Tip: Log On Automatically on Windows

In my job, I’m using some Virtual Machines to separate development environments for each customers… and of course, I must log on on each Windows ! You can configure Windows to log on automatically with a specified user: 1. Click

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