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Tip to optimize SQL Queries

Identification of the problem. Some days ago, a customer call me to try to solve a performance problem into an existing application connected to SQL Server. Using SQL Server Profile, we found some queries with unexpected times. For example, to

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Développer avec un Simple Object Mapping Toolkit pour SQL Server

La majorité des applications actuelles ont besoin d’enregistrer des informations dans une base de données locale ou serveur. Plusieurs outils existent dont Entity Framework, le plus fréquemment proposés par Microsoft, ou ADO.NET, le plus performant mais le plus complexe à

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Introduction to SqlDatabaseCommand

Since some years, I’ve tried to write some performing SQL Queries but also with easy way. In the .NET beginning, I’ve tried System.Data.SqlClient with DataAdapter and DataSets. Next, I’ve tried the Linq to SQL project. And next, I’ve tried Entity

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