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Grunt and Bower in Visual Studio 2015

In some days, Visual Studio 2015 will be release. Previously (VS2013), to minify some JavaScript files, we used Web Essentials and bundle files. In the new version of Web Essentials (2015) : “Bundling, minification and compilation of LESS, Sass and

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How to transfert a file from Host to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine?

Each time I need to copy a file from my PC to a Virtual Machine hosted by Hyper-V, I don’t remember the best way. If your VM runs a Windows 8, you can activate “Enhanced session” option and use Copy

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How to bind to a Grouped Items ViewModel with sample data

In MVVM development, you need to define some items collections bindable to your User Interface (View).First, you must create your collection and items, next, you can create some samples and finally you need to bind these objects to your View

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Asynchronous Simplified

Introduction For recent developments, users want reactive graphical interfaces, even if you need to recover data from external sources (ex. with web services).The best solution is to create asynchronous operations to let a responsive UI. Since the Framework 4.5, Microsoft

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Trasys Conference: Introduction to ADO Entity Framework

This week, I’ve presented a new Trasys Conference about ADO.NET Entity Framework. Agenda: – —Entity Framework Introduction – Exploring the Entity Data Model – Querying and Manipulating Entity Data Models – Summary You can download the PowerPoint here, see the webcast

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Practical .NET 2 and C#2 – Free eBook

Patrick Smacchia  just uploaded the PDF version of his book Practical .NET2 and C#2 2nd edition, 878 pages, and its 647 compilable code listings. This material is now available for free. This book was published by O’Reilly in 2005. You can

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Trasys Conference: Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Today, I’ve presented my third Trasys Conference about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Silverlight included in .NET Frameword 3.5. The Agenda was: Why Windows Presentation Foundation? WPF Technical Overview User Interface Elements XAML Components Styles Triggers Template Events (Bubble, Direct,

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